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Videos of past talks

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Optimisey #7 – 26th September 2018

Speakers & Slides

JP Sherman

Video & transcript: Optimising Onsite Search
Slides: Optimise Your Onsite Search (4MB PDF)


Marie Haynes

Video & transcript: Google’s Quality Raters’ Guidelines
Slides: Google’s Quality Raters’ Guidelines (3MB PDF)

Optimisey #6 – 26th July 2018

Speakers & Slides

Stacey MacNaught

Video & transcript: Link Acquisition Tactics
Slides: Link Acquisition Tactics (5MB PDF)


Anna Corbett

Video & transcript: An Introduction to Search Intent
Slides: An Introduction to Search Intent (2MB PDF)

Optimisey #5 – 17th May 2018

Speakers & Slides

Ross Tavendale

Video & transcript: Killing Giants: How to beat the blue chips in search
Slides: Killing Giants: How to beat the blue chips in search (14MB PDF)


Lexi Mills

Video & transcript: Advanced PR – influence, strategy and tactics
Slides: Advanced PR – influence, strategy and tactics (15MB PDF)

Optimisey #4 – 15th March 2018

The fourth event covered how to predict conversions and set SEO targets and KPIs; and the power of internal linking.

Speakers & Slides

Richard Petersen-Hall

Video & Transcript: How to predict organic conversions from search
Slides: How to predict organic conversions from search (5MB PDF)


Andy Drinkwater

Video & Trancript: The Power of Internal Linking and Hub Pages
Slides: The Power of Internal Linking and Hub Pages (6MB PowerPoint)


Optimisey #3 – 18th January 2018

The third Optimisey event covered UX and SEO as well as White Hat vs. Black Hat SEO.

Speakers & Slides

Kamil Kuczynski & Nick Duffield

Video & Transcript: How can UX design affect your SEO?
Slides: How can UX design affect your SEO? (1MB PDF)

Craig Campbell

Video & transcript: White Hat vs. Black Hat SEO
Slides: White Hat vs. Black hat SEO (3MB PDF)

Nick Duffield and Kamil Kuczynski speaking at Optimisey

Nick (left) and Kamil opened the evening with a great talk on UX (user experience) and the overlaps with good SEO

Craig Campbell speaking at Optimisey
Feedback on Craig Campbell’s talk summed it up as “brutal but brilliant” – as he covered White Hat vs. Black Hat SEO

Optimisey #2 – 21st December 2017

The second Optimisey event had a focus on voice search and featured an SEO audit for a charity website,

Speakers & Slides

Carolyn Lyden

Slides: Voice Search 101

Social: @Carolyn Lyden on Twitter; and on LinkedIn

SEO auditors

Ellie Morgan & Luke Thomas:

Social: @ellie_morgan89@luukethomas

Slides: SEO audit of


A photo of Carolyn Lyden's opening slide in her SEO Voice Search 101 talk at Optimisey
Carolyn Lyden (on screen, in pop-up bottom right) delivered her talk on Voice Search 101 – live from Atlanta!
Ellie Morgan (seated at front) and Luke Thomas (standing) deliver the results of their SEO audit for
Ellie Morgan (seated at front) and Luke Thomas (standing) deliver the results of their SEO audit for the charity,

Optimisey #1 – 19th October 2017

The first ever Optimisey – Cambridge’s SEO event – took place on Thursday 19th October.

Speakers & Slides

Andrew Martin

Slides: SEO First-Steps 7 Must dos
Social: @AndrewDoesSEO

Andrew Rayner

Slides: How to do Onsite SEO
Social: @Andrew_Rayner


A photo showing a table filled with drinks: bottles of fruit juice, limonata, Coke and Corona - for Optimisey, the Cambridge SEO MeetUp
Free drinks and snacks were laid on – no low-cost options here either. Waitrose’s own and San Pellegrino!

A photo showing a pile of packets of SEMrush sponsored gum and pens
Sponsors, SEMrush, even provided free gum – for fresh networking breath – and pens for note taking

A photo showing bottles of Corona beer stacked on a table, for Optimisey, the Cambridge SEO event
There was free beer too, thanks to Brand Recruitment, to ensure attendees had ‘Optimisey’d’ their hydration levels!

A photo showing a stack of Brand Recruitment's salary survey brochures, under a poster saying "Optimisey... your salary"
Brand Recruitment’s marketing salary survey was also available, to help people ‘Optimisey’ their salary…

A photo of Hayley, Emma and Alana from Brand Recruitment at the Optimisey SEO event
‘Team Brand Recruitment’ were in attendance too. Well… their office is just next door to the venue!

Two female attendees at Optimisey chat before the event
Before the talks kicked off there was a chance to meet and chat to new friends (and familar faces) too

Barclays Eagle Labs' Katie address the audience at Optimisey, telling them about the venue
Barclays Eagle Labs’ Katie, introduced the great venue

Optimisey founder, Andrew Cock-Starkey, introduces the first Cambridge SEO event and speakers
Optimisey founder, Andrew, opened the evening and set the scene for the speakers

Andrew Martin, SEO Manager at BoilerJuice speaks at the Optimsey SEO event in Cambridge
First speaker, Andrew Martin introduced himself and his talk about ‘7 SEO Must Dos’

Optimisey speaker, Andrew Martin, standing in front of 4 television screens to present, with a slide talking about the purpose of search engines
Andrew Martin, covered some great SEO basics in his talk

Andrew Martin, presenting at Optimisey, Cambridge's SEO event
Andrew M also went through topics such as site speed, mobile optimisation and more

Optimisey founder, Andrew Cock-Starkey, watches one of the Cambridge SEO talks
Host, Andrew C-S, enjoyed taking a back seat and watching ‘the other Andrews’ share great SEO tips and actionable advice

An audience member asks a question at the first Optimisey event, Cambridge SEO MeetUp
There were some great questions from the audience in the Q&As after each talk

An audience member claps at Optimisey
There was a full-house for the first event (we ran out of chairs!) – and everyone was very supportive and appreciative of the speakers

Andrew Rayner, of Horizon Discovery, gives the second talk at Optimisey, the Cambridge SEO MeetUp
The second speaker was Andrew Rayner, whose talk was titled ‘How to do On-Site SEO’

Andrew Rayner presenting at the Optimisey, Cambridge SEO event
Andrew R’s talk took a more in-depth look at some specifics to optimise your website

Andrew Martin and audience members at Optimisey
First speaker, Andrew M, savoured a back-seat as second speaker, Andrew R fielded some tough questions too!

Andrew Cock-Starkey wraps-up the first ever Cambridge SEO event, Optimisey
Then there was just time for a big ‘Thank You’ to everyone that came to support the first event – before more drinks, snacks and chats!

A big thank you to Cambridge’s best photographer, Jemima Willcox, for taking all these great photos. (And yes, that is an SEO optimised link to her website!)

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Attending is free but spaces are limited. To secure your place you have to RSVP to the MeetUp.

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