What is Optimisey? It’s an event for learning, networking and sharing about SEO in Cambridge, UK.

Whether you’re a SEO expert looking to meet up with like-minded people to learn from, bounce ideas around with or just geek-out on SEO; or a business owner, entrepreneur or marketer who wants the elusive answer to that oft repeated question: “How do we rank higher in Google?” or even “Why aren’t we number one on Google?” you should come along. The events are free to attend:

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The optimisey.com website will be used to share content from the meet-ups, as well as curating content from elsewhere on the web that I think will help.

I’ll also spell out the story of starting up Optimisey: ‘Eating my own dog food’ as the saying goes. If we’re all going to learn more about SEO and ranking websites higher in Google, can I put all I know (and learn at the Optimisey MeetUps!) in to action to get this site to rank for competitive terms?

I’ll share all the successes (and failures – though hopefully more of the former!) along the way, so you can learn, cherry-pick and rank your business higher too.

Who is Optimisey?

I am Andrew Cock-Starkey (yes, I know. And no, not a typo). I’ve been working on websites for nearly 20 years – creating compelling content, eye-catching headlines, link building, launching social media channels, building audiences and ‘getting a bit optimisey’.

I love SEO (there, I said it). I love it because it’s so broad. If you think SEO is ‘too tech-y’ for you or just for nerds, you’re wrong. And you’re probably already doing it, without even knowing it.

If you’re trying to write great content for your website to increase your business’s visibility or if you’re thinking which headline would get the most clicks when you post it on Facebook – that’s SEO.

If you’re working on how you can turn you traffic into more leads, sales or engagements that’s CRO (conversion rate optimisation) – another favourite topic of mine – hence plumping for ‘Optimisey’ as a name and not just ‘Search Optimisey’.

I’m really looking forward to meeting you at future Optimisey SEO networking events.

Why optimisey?

You might be wondering why I’m doing this. What’s in it for me to go to all that effort sorting out venues, speakers, sponsors and all the rest that comes with hosting even comparatively small events?

I just want to help.

Cheesy as that sounds, it’s true.

As I said above, I love SEO. I love learning about SEO, trying new things (often failing) learning and trying again.

I’d love to pick the brains of some of the brightest minds in SEO and I figured the chances of me getting a 1-on-1 with them were limited… but if I could get a roomful of people for them to talk to they might go for that – and I could nail myself a front row seat! Perks of organising, eh?

Why Cambridge? Well, apart from the obvious (I live here) it’s a great city. There are some awesome companies, institutions and organisations in the city; some amazing entrepreneurs and some terrific start-ups; plus a lot of my friends work for (or own) businesses in the city too.

Frankly – a lot of the above don’t do SEO very well. I figure if I can help just a small percentage of them increase their business by just a small percentage that’s great for them, great for me and great for the city.

Need An SEO Consultant?

Want to go a bit further with your SEO efforts? Perhaps, after attending one of the events the scales have fallen from your eyes and you’ve realised the huge potential available in optimising your site?

Perhaps you just want some help with your search engine optimisation or even just someone with the skillset and tools to help with some targeted keyword research?

love all that stuff. Get in touch and let’s talk about how we can get more of the right kind of traffic to your site:

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