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Are you looking for an SEO consultant in Cambridge? Would you like to work with me?

Perhaps you like what you’ve read here or heard at the Optimisey SEO events I run?

I love SEO. I really nerd out on it. I would love to work with you and find out:

  • What are your business aims?
  • Who are your perfect customers?
  • What do they search for? Where, when, how and why?

And then use all of that to help you get more of the right kind of traffic to your website.

If you don’t have the answers to any/all of those questions don’t worry – let’s work on them together! And then build a phenomenal SEO plan to help you achieve your aims.

Want to hear my ‘elevator pitch’ about why – of all the SEO consultants out there – you should choose me? Here’s my summary in under 60 seconds:

SEO Services – Where to start?

With any journey, once you know where you want to go (B) you need to know where you are (A) – so you can work out how to get there: from A to B!

An SEO audit is my suggested starting off point for any project.

You need to know what your status quo is. Are there any holes in your proverbial SEO boat? You can have the best content in the world but if your site is letting you down, good rankings will be much harder to come by.

Poor site structure, ‘crawlability’, broken links and a whole host more could be the millstone that’s weighing your site down in the rankings.

What does an SEO audit look like?

The right answer is: “It depends.” But as a useful jumping off point are some of the considerations I take into account before agreeing a price to audit a new client’s site:

  • How big is the site?
    e.g. how many pages, folders, different templates and things are there that need checking?
  • How many ‘moving parts’ are there?
    Things like ecommerce elements, multiple locations, multiple languages etc. can all be complicating factors.
  • Are solid data gathering fundamentals available?
    Are things like Google Search Console and Google Analytics in place; are they set-up properly and have they been gathering data for a sufficient period of time?

  • Are the SEO fundamentals in place?
    Things like solid sitemaps, robots.txt files.
  • What is the industry, sector or niche?
    How competitive is the sector? How many competitors are you looking at? How big are those competitors?

All these factors (and many more) will have an impact on the complexity of the audit and how long it will take to undertake it properly.

How much does AN SEO AUDIT cost?

I’m afraid “it depends” again.

A good SEO audit takes at least 3-4 days of an experienced professional’s time. I would be seriously wary of anyone that tells you it takes less time than that and if they offer you a free SEO audit at least read my rant/missive about free SEO tools; and be aware you’ll probably get what you pay for.

It’s a little like building a house. If you want a wooden doll’s house that’s one thing; if you want a six-storey townhouse made of marble that’s something else.

And if your aims are marble townhouse but you currently live in a doll’s house… that’s something else too.

The good news is: asking is free.

Pop a few details in the form at the foot of this page and let’s set-up a time to have a chat, work out where you are, where you want to be and what you need to help you get there.

Other SEO Consultancy services

I do more than just audits too.

If you want:

  • in-depth keyword research (to help make your content efforts really pay-off)
  • competitor analysis (so you can catch – and overtake – your rivals)
  • link analysis (to find the good links you have; weed out the bad; identify good link targets; gap analysis to spot links your rivals have that you don’t)

or a whole host of other SEO tasks talk to me, I’d love to help.

Get in touch – Asking is free

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