When is the next Optimisey, Cambridge SEO MeetUp?

Thursday 26th JULY


The Bradfield CEntre, CB4 0GA




Stacey MacNaught
Anna Corbett



Come. Listen. Learn. Meet awesome people. Get lots of (free) website-improving, traffic-increasing, customer-converting SEO goodness – courtesy of Optimisey.

Book your place

All the details you need are below.


6-6:15pm: Sign-in; put a name tag on (great ice-breaker, knowing someone’s name); chat, mingle; enjoy free beer/wine/soft drinks and nibbles (thanks to Brand Recruitment!)

6:15-6:30pm: A brief intro/hello from me then on to the good stuff:

6:30-7pm: Speaker 1: Stacey MacNaught; Practical Link Building Tactics That Will Still Work Tomorrow

7-7:30pm: Speaker 2: Anna Corbett; How To Identify Search Intent

7:30-8pm: Discuss all the mind-expanding, site-improving, actionable advice you’ve just received; mingle some more; drink some more free beer/wine/soft drinks; eat more nibbles.

8pm: Leave a 5* review of Optimisey and tell all your friends how much you loved it.

I’d hate to put words in your mouth but – just as an idea – how about:

The #Optimisey #SEO MeetUp was awesome! Definitely going to next one: optimisey.com

Then go home or… join us somewhere else for more drinking, eating and chatting.

The Golden Hind pub is the place we’ll probably head to – simply because it’s the nearest and it sells beer.



You don’t need to print a ticket but if you haven’t RSVP’d to the event on MeetUp (you should see a very definite “You’re going” message, top right on the specific meeting you’re attending). Something like this:

Screenshot from the MeetUp website showing event booking confirmation

If you don’t see that, please don’t come. If you think you should/did have a place but now don’t and really want to come drop me a message/Tweet me etc. and I’ll see what I can do.

I’d hate to have to turn you away but the numbers are set by the fire safety regulations of the venue so literally: if your name is not down, you’re not coming in.

It’s possible someone might not turn up and you could take their place – up to you if you want to risk it. But if 65 people turn up and you’re number 66… sorry.

If you want to meet us afterwards that’d be great though (see the 8pm bit above!).

Where is it?

The venue is The Bradfield Centre. The full address is:

The Bradfield Centre,
184 Cambridge Science Park
Milton Road, Milton
Cambridge, CB4 0GA

They have a very helpful page about how to get to The Bradfield Centre.


Arriving by train

It’s a 15-20 minute walk (less than a mile) from Cambridge North train station (note: this is not to be confused with the main Cambridge train station):

For the quickest way:

  1. Turn right out of the station and follow the footpath alongside the guided busway
  2. Turn right again at the junction with Milton Road
  3. Turn left into (the imaginatively named) Cambridge Science Park Road
  4. Turn right at the roundabout inside the science park then you’re looking for the signage to The Bradfield Centre on your left – you can’t miss it.

It’s much less complex than that makes it sound. 20 minutes slow walking, max.

Arriving by car

The Bradfield Centre has lots of free parking right outside the venue.

Arriving by bike

There are lots of bike racks right next to the venue too, if you want somewhere to lock-up your bike.

Arriving by bus

The 9 and X9 services both have nr. Science Park stops a 5 minute stroll from the venue. The Guided Busway buses A, C and N also stop near the pedestrian entrace to the Science Park; and the ‘purple’ Park and Ride bus (the Milton service) also stops at the Science Park.

In short, you shouldn’t be short of bus options to at least get there. Getting home again by bus might be a different matter though as the services stop around 6-7pm.

Dress code & What to bring

Dress code? Don’t be daft. So long as you’re clothed (at least from the waist down) what you wear is up to you.

That said, the venue or I might refuse you entry if we think what you’re wearing might offend or endanger you or other guests – so be sensible.

Bring something to take notes but most of all bring an open mind and a big smile. The word “networking” makes everyone shudder, not just you, so be friendly, be awesome and rest assured that everyone will be doing their utmost to be friendly and awesome too.

Do bring business cards (if that’s your thing) but remember:

Come to network – not get work.

No-one likes pushy sales people. Don’t be that guy/girl. And if you do get cornered by someone please: let me know – they won’t be invited again.

Who else is coming?

Nervous about networking? You won’t be the only one. I promise it will be better than you expect.

Worried you’ll be the only expert/novice? The only guy/girl? The only junior/director? You won’t be look:

Find out what sort of people come to the events or check out the past Optimisey SEO events.


The event would, literally, not be possible without the awesome sponsors.

If you happen to work for one of their competitors don’t come and drink their beer and crash the party – not cool. No sponsors, no event.


Brand Recruitment's logo - a pink square with the words brand recruitment (all lower case) in white
If you’re job hunting or recruiting in Cambridge or East Anglia – talk to them, they’re ace (and not pressurey like some recruiters).

Breadcrumb Media's logo

Breadcrumb Media offer a range of marketing and media services and for the Optimisey events, they’re videoing the terrific speakers.

All you guys are terrific ❤. Thank you.

Not to mention all of you that are coming to the event.

Let’s face it: the sponsors aren’t getting involved to get my attention. There may be no such thing as a free lunch – but there is a free Cambridge SEO MeetUp, thanks to them and thanks to you.