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For everyone that has ever wondered (or been asked): “How do I get to the top on Google?” *

Here’s me explaining the events in less than 60 seconds…

Optimisey is a series of free SEO MeetUps in Cambridge (in the UK).

The next Optimisey MeetUp will be Wednesday 26th September, 6-8pm.

The first six Cambridge SEO MeetUps were amazing so don’t miss the next one!

Join the Meet Up

Attending is free though space is limited. To secure your place you have to RSVP to the MeetUp.

Why come to Optimisey?

Andrew Rayner, of Horizon Discovery, gives the second talk at Optimisey, the Cambridge SEO MeetUp
If you’re at all interested in SEO (search engine optimisation) or have ever wondered (or been asked) “How do we get to the top of Google?”* then this Meet Up is for you.

If you run a small business (or even an SME), if you’re an entrepreneur, a start-up (or thinking of becoming one), an in-house marketer or an accomplished SEO looking for like-minded folk then come along.

You’ll learn useful, actionable, relevant, do-able SEO tips and advice that you can apply to your business.

68% of attendees said they are ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ likely to put into action something they learned at an Optimisey event

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“But I know everything/nothing about SEO!”

If you’re in the former group, please get in touch if you’d like to be a speaker at a future event!

In all seriousness – there is no threshold of SEO knowledge for attendees.

If you’re a complete novice – perhaps you run your own business and maintaining your website (and trying to get it to rank higher in search results) is just one of your many tasks – then there will be something for you.

By attending Optimisey as an SEO novice you will:

  • ‘See under the hood’ of the world of SEO a bit
  • Increase your knowledge and confidence in the subject
  • Leave with practical tips you can apply yourself, to your business tomorrow – or at the very least leave with some good questions to ask your digital agency
  • Find people like you, that are taking their first steps in SEO, to share tips, advice and war-stories
  • If you’re not a business owner (perhaps considering a career in SEO?) you’ll learn some good advice to get started and hints and tips from people that have been ‘at the coalface’ for several years (decades in some cases!).

No-one will judge you. We all started out in SEO just like you – with willing but not a whole lot else. There are no stupid questions – usually only those questions others are too shy to ask.

If you’re already an experienced SEO’er, there will be something for you too.

By attending Optimisey as an SEO expert you will get:

  • Learning – none of us know it all, there are always new tools, tips, tricks and short-cuts others know that you won’t (and vice-versa)
  • More learning – get insights from novices (yes, really). You cannot ‘unlearn’ what you know, so it can be hard to see things as a novice would see them; or what misconceptions you may have to face with your next client/project
  • Networking – you’ll meet fellow SEO nerds to geek out with, exchange tips, advice and war stories with
  • More networking – you may also get some work come your way (but please – come to ‘share’, not ‘sell’ – others have come to network too, not be pitched to/at).

If you’re neither beginner nor expert then – lucky you – you get to pick from the smorgasbord of both!

“Yeah but… is it any good?”

Don’t take my word for it, here are reviews from people that came to previous events:

Looking for more ‘social proof’?

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“What should I bring?”

  • A notebook (or laptop, Evernote etc.) – to ensure all that SEO-goodness you pick up doesn’t get forgotten, so you can put it into action the very next day when you’re back at work
  • Open ears and an open mind: as the saying goes: “We have two ears and one mouth – try to use them in that ratio.” You’ll learn a lot just by coming and listening – but do chip-in with your ideas and comments too. Come to share, not to sell, to network not ‘get work’
  • Your business card/contact details: that said, do bring a way to share your details, be that your Twitter handle, LinkedIn details, website – whatever. Give it if you’re asked for it, no carpet-bombing cards please.

Cover most of those and you’re all set.

“OK – I’m convinced. How do I get my place?”

You have to sign-up and RSVP to the MeetUp. There is no other way to secure your free place. Only those people on the guest-list will be permitted to the venue on the day.

Get Your Free Place

Spaces are limited – so be sure to RSVP if you want to come. That said – if you then change your mind (or plans change – as we all know they do) please change your RSVP on the MeetUp website to say you can’t make it, to free up your place so someone else can come.

Changing your RSVP is OK – not changing it and not showing up is not OK.

Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely. Networking can be scary so having someone you know come along is fine but:

1. They need to RSVP and book a place too.

2. Try not to just chat to them all evening – you already know them.

Meet new people, mingle, network – then scurry back to your friend to compare notes!

* One possible ‘right’ answer to the question “How do I get to the top of Google?” is: “What for?”

SEO, as you’ll find by attending Optimisey’s SEO MeetUps, is not something you buy once or sprinkle on your website after you’ve built it or have ever ‘finished’.

The “How do I get to the top of Google?” question is a bit of a in-joke among SEO’ers. Anyone that tells you they can do this with a few quick tricks and a one off fee is almost certainly a scammer.