As every good marketer knows, publicity is (generally) a good thing. As every good SEO’er knows, links are an important part of ranking a website well in search.

So I’m delighted to share some of the occasions on which Optimisey has made headlines or just got some pleasing attention from influential titles or authors.

Optimisey in SEO publications

I’ve been featured by some of the leading SEO titles on the web (hit a logo to find out more):

The Search Engine Journal logo in grayscale
140 Top SEO Experts You Should Be Following in 2019
The ahrefs logo in grayscale
What is SEO? (As Defined by 40+ SEO Experts)
The SEMrush logo in grayscale
Entities and Their Attributes in the Knowledge Graph
The Elephate logo in grayscale
How to Cooperate with SEO Specialists
The Rank Ranger logo in grayscale
Guide to Handling Feature Heavy SERPS
The Point Visible logo in grayscale
How To Write A Perfect Guest Post Pitch

Optimisey on SEO podcasts

I love a podcast too (check out my list of top SEO podcasts) and have been lucky enough to have been asked on as a guest on a few too. Here are a selection:

The Edge of the Web podcast logo
Getting Back Together for SEO in the Real World
The Search With Candour podcast logo
Garage spam, nofollow confusion and guest penalties
The SEO Rant podcast logo
How Agencies Who Sell Snake Oil Are Ruining SEO

Would you like to join the fun (and coverage)? I’m always looking to hear from potential new sponsors.

In Cambridge News

Publication: Cambridge News website
Reach: ~1.6m website visitors a month (source: SimilarWeb)

Optimisey first made the pages of local paper, Cambridge News with a write-up of my SEO Showdown:

And again, previewing the second Optimisey event and Carolyn Lyden’s talk on voice search:

Publication: Cambridge News newspaper
Reach: ~12,000 local readers (source: ABC)

I got my smiling mug (and new branded t-shirt!) into the paper for the fourth event too:

A photo of a double-page spread in the Cambridge News about the Optimisey events

Mentioned on Moz

Publication: Moz website
Reach: ~7m website visitors a month (source: SimilarWeb)

It made my day (if not my month/year) when Optimisey got a link from search giant Moz.

Guest author (and local digital guru) Simon Penson was kind enough to link to my guide to getting set-up on Bing Places from his piece about voice search: The Voice Playbook – Building a Marketing Plan for the Next Era in Computing.


Networking in Cambridge

Publication: Cambridge Network website
Reach: ~13,000 website visitors a month (source: SEMRush)

Bastions of networking in Cambridge, Cambridge Network, also covered the voice search focused 3rd event: ‘OK Google – how do I prepare my business for voice search?’

‘On Brand’ Messaging

Publication: Brand Recruitment website
Reach: ~2,000 website visitors a month (source: SEMrush)

Optimisey is also regularly featured on our sponsor Brand Recruitment‘s Upcoming Events page – just another way they’re helping their candidates learn and improve their skills to help them snag that dream job.

Going Viral on Twitter

Well… viral-ish. Back in August 2017, when Optimisey was just a few weeks old, I posted a piece about the Top 20 SEO’ers to follow on Twitter – that you’ve probably never heard of.

It picked up a phenomenal amount of traction, re-Tweets and shares from some big names in SEO (and I didn’t even mention them in the piece!); including from Google’s own @JohnMu (35k followers at last count).

I summed a few of them up in this Twitter Moment and here are the sharing stats from BuzzSumo:

A screenshot from BuzzSumo showing the sharing stats for Optimisey's list of top 20 SEO'ers to follow on Twitter

That’s 32 on Facebook; 36 on Twitter and 83 on LinkedIn (and no links… boo) but broadly: Yay!

Guest blogs

Like any good link builder/self-publicist, I’ve also had the honour of being asked to guest on other businesses sites or blogs. These includes:

Drive the Network: When someone searches for your service or product how can you make sure you get found? & What are the right keywords for SEO or your PPC campaign?
Newt Labs: How To Optimise Your Images To Boost Your Website Traffic
WebLad: Make Your Website Easy To Find
Kabo Creative: How To Drive Traffic To Your Business Website
Cambridge Marketing MeetUp: The good, the bad and the spammy: How to build good links

And there are more to come too!

If you’d like me to write for your blog or website do get in touch and if you’d like to reach the awesome audience and people that Optimisey reaches talk to me about sponsoring the events.