Second Optimisey event: Date & first speaker

This blog announces the first speaker for the next Optimisey event. If you want to skip all the preamble and just book your place:


At the first Optimisey SEO event I asked attendees when they wanted the next one to be.

I plan to hold the events every other month at first (walk before I try and run) but having started in October that meant number two would be in December.

This was compounded by my idea to run the events – in an attempt to make it memorable/trip off the tongue – on the ‘third Thursday of the month’. So not just December but 21st December – right before Christmas.

I had a back-up plan: January. If people didn’t want to crash their Christmas with Optimisey, surely a time of New Year’s resolutions would be perfect? Option two was 18th January. I asked people to ‘vote with their feet’ or, more precisely, with their RSVPs. Whichever date got the most RSVPs that’s when the next Optimisey would be.

I was pretty confident most people would choose January.

Of course, I was wrong.

I’ve decided to take it as a compliment. The first Optimisey event was so good, people couldn’t bare the idea of waiting until 2018 for the next one.

Great SEO Speakers

It has always been my intention to get great speakers at Optimisey to share their knowledge.

The first speaker for the next event is no exception.

Second event Speaker: Carolyn Lyden

Carolyn Lyden, SEO Manager at CallRail who'll be speaking at Optimisey

Carolyn is the SEO Manager at CallRail.

“Starting in social media and writing at a small agency, Carolyn garnered marketing experience in many industries early on including medical, law, franchise, and finance. Meanwhile, she earned her MBA at Kennesaw State University in the USA to further her knowledge of business. Her love of spreadsheets eventually led her to specialize SEO, and she joined CallRail’s marketing team as the SEO Manager in March 2017.

When she’s not in the office, Carolyn loves spending time outdoors with her husband and greyhound, working on her Olympic lifting skills, and taking naps with her two cats.”

Tl;dr? Carolyn’s really smart.

From their website CallRail is: “Call Tracking For Data-Driven Marketers. Intuitive and powerful call analytics trusted by more than 50,000 businesses.”

CallRail are right at the forefront of voice and voice search.

In case you haven’t noticed, voice-activated devices (Google Home, Amazon’s Echo and the Sonos One) are spreading like wildfire.

24 million of them are expected to be sold in 2017. Some reports estimate more than half of homes in the US will have them in the next five years. And where the US leads many markets tend to follow.

And tech giants Apple haven’t even entered the market… yet. Their Homepod is coming in 2018.

Which is why I’m really excited to get Carolyn to speak at Optimisey. Even more so given she’s based in Atlanta, Georgia – a shade over 4,000 miles away.

Voice Search 101: Your Guide to SEO Success

Carolyn’s going to talk all about voice: how it affects search; how to rank for voice searches; how to adapt your content for voice and a whole lot more.

In case you need more proof that Carolyn is really good at this stuff, pop into the SEMrush tool – see how many high traffic, high competition keywords they’re ranking on page one for:

Answer? A lot.

I don’t want there to be any barriers to getting the sharpest minds in the industry (like Carolyn) to come and share their knowledge with the attendees.

Sadly, the Optimisey budget doesn’t (yet) extend to paying for return flights from Atlanta – so Carolyn’s going to be video conferencing in to the event.

I’ll be doing a thorough tech-test to make sure everything works smoothly on the night and you can hear Carolyn and she can hear us for the Q&As (of which I’m sure there’ll be lots) afterwards.

What else is on the agenda?

I’ve also got something special I’m lining up for the second ‘speaker slot’.

No doubt Carolyn will be a tough act to follow – but it will be something in the room, something interactive and something that’ll help demonstrate some SEO ‘in action’, live.

We’re going to run a live site audit. A panel of experts (plus me) picking apart a website and building an SEO action plan for them.

You’ll be able to see how this really works; what things to look out for; what tools we use; how to prioritise SEO tasks and a whole lot more. And all safe in the comfort it won’t be your website so you can nod along and say “I don’t do that…” and then go and quickly fix it on your site and no-one need ever know.

The site we’re going to run this on is a charity/good cause. The ‘live autopsy’ (sorry, audit) will be led by the panel but I’ll be sharing the URL with those that sign-up to the event so if you want to test your SEO chops and/or chip in audience participation will be encouraged.

So, rest assured the whole session won’t be like some clunky version of Eurovision with everyone on the big screen, satellite delays and stuttered questions.


Attending is free though space is limited. To secure your place you have to RSVP to the MeetUp.

There’ll be free snacks and drinks again, thanks to the Optimisey sponsors and, given the proximity to Christmas, they’re likely to have a ‘festive flavour’ too.

In short, it’ll be great. You should totally come. And tell your friends. Here you go, let me help:

I just booked my place at #Optimisey - the free Cambridge SEO MeetUp. You should come too!

See you there!

5 thoughts on “Second Optimisey event: Date & first speaker”

    1. Hi Paula, thanks! I’m really looking forward to this one too.

      Yes, the 3rd Optimisey event is set for 18th January 2018. My plan is to then have them every other month; on the third Thursday.

      If you join the MeetUp group that should keep you informed of events as I add/confirm them.

      And if you join my mailing list I email out the slide decks and write-ups of the events, for those that couldn’t make it.

  1. I’m really looking forward to this, albeit a little apprehensively as it’s my first ever networking event (which is a bit poor for someone with a four-year-old business, I know). I’m going to learn so much from Carolyn and the live site audit, so many thanks for organising everything. See you there!

    1. Oh, Alison – I’m honoured that Optimisey will be your networking debut! You’ll be fine, the people that come along are lovely and, I hope, Optimisey is not like ‘other networking’.

      Come and find me and say “hi” when you arrive – then at least you’ll know one person and I can introduce you to more people… and you’ll be right at home before you know it!

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