Starting Optimisey

So this is the first blog post for Optimisey.

(is it just me, or is it hot in here? Feeling the pressure anyone? Got to be witty, erudite, succinct – all those things which come about as naturally as my soprano singing voice).

Perhaps I should start by explaining what Optimisey is?

Optimisey was set up by me, Andrew Cock-Starkey. I am a self-confessed SEO (search engine optimisation) nerd/geek/dork/dweeb/techie (a little SEO joke for my brethren there!).

I have been to conferences like the fantastic Brighton SEO and felt ‘at home’ – thanks in no small part to the phenomenal job the organiser, Kelvin Newman, has done. As the tagline says “A long way from a room above a pub.”

Inspired by Kelvin – and my other SEO crushes (the phenomenally named Rand Fishkin – the ‘Wizard of Moz’; Barry Adams; Bill Slawski; the RustyBrick Barry Schwartz; Melissa Mackey; and Greg Gifford – and I’d better stop there, lest I get a Google penalty for trying to boost my page with lots of relevant external links!) – I decided I wanted more of this sort of thing.

I could just talk to those people all day. But would they talk to me? Actually yes – some of them did and have – but all day? Perhaps that’s pushing even their good nature. And there are lots more people out there with loads of knowledge in the world of SEO and optimisation that I’d love to pick the brains of.

So what if I started my own gathering where I live, in Cambridge?

Well I’ve done just that. Using the MeetUp system I’ve stepped up as organiser of a new group in Cambridge based around SEO and all things search optimisation.

I’d love it if you joined the Optimsey MeetUp group and/or shared it with anyone you thought may be interested. Please feel free to get in touch with me – either comment here or hit the contact us page and drop me a line.

Can I put all I’ve learned from those SEO sages into practise? Time will tell. Sink or swim I plan to share what I’ve done well, what I’ve done badly and what I’ve learned along the way with the hope it’ll be of benefit to others.

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