Third Optimisey event: More speakers

The third Optimisey event is just a week away (on Thursday 18th January).

I’ve already unveiled one great speaker, Craig Campbell, who’ll be covering ‘Black Hat vs. White Hat SEO’ and more besides.

Perhaps not surprisingly, all 60+ free places at the event are booked but before you click away – based on the two previous events – people way down in 20th place on the waiting list have ended up getting a place so:

Join the waiting list

Full event agenda, address etc.

When I tell you what else there is in store, you’re going to want to do all you can to get in (I can neither confirm nor deny that places are being traded on ebay for hundreds of pounds).

UX + SEO = SE(x)?

I’ve not got one more speaker for you. I’ve got two. (I know… I spoil you). They are:

Kamil Kuczynski & Nick Duffield

UX experts Kamil Kuczynski and Nick Duffield

(and yes, Kamil chose that photo to send me. That’s him at an Iron Maiden concert. Yes. He’s that awesome.)

More from them:

Kamil describes himself as: “Rock’n’roller, Jedi and weightlifting enthusiast who lives and breathes design and design-related things.”

If you want an insight into Kamil’s mind he’s pretty active on Instagram.

Nick says he’s: “Primarily a designer in whatever form that takes. Be it visual, interaction, information the list goes on. I think that you can only effectively solve a problem by truly understanding it, and to me this is the essence of design and it is what I love to do.”

These guys know a whole lot about design, UX (user experience) and more besides. They’re the sort of weirdos that take on extra work just for ‘fun’, they’re that into it… a bit like setting up your own SEO event.

I really wanted to get them in to talk to y’all. As friend of Optimisey Andrew Martin put it: “UX and SEO continue to do a slow-motion Hollywood run along a beach towards one another.”

A man and woman running towards one another on a beach
I’m unclear on which of these two is UX and which is SEO

I paraphrase Andrew slightly and, despite my silly gif, I think SEO and UX can be great friends – no must be great friends. You can have all the #1 Google rankings you like, if your website is an absolute car-crash when people get there, you’re stuffed.

Get it right though and a well designed website can help your rankings.

Which is convenient really as the title for Kamil and Nick’s two-hander talk is:

Putting the UX in SEO

Outline: Ever wonder how user experience design could effect your SEO score? Nick and Kamil share their insights gained through working with a local business to turn around their online presence.

These guys really know their stuff. They’ve got some concrete examples and case studies from work they’ve done and they’re going to share it all with you – you lucky things.

Get Me On the waiting list!

How it works

To help organise the Optimisey events I use the MeetUp system. I set a date, time and place – and how many places there are – then people can RSVP to book a place until they’re all full.

Once they’re full, a waiting list forms. It works on a first-come, first-served basis. If you’re first on the waiting list if/when someone drops out, you get their place. If another person can’t make it, the second person on the list gets their place etc. etc.

This means, if you’ve booked a place it’s really important that – if you can’t make it for whatever reason – you change your RSVP to show you can’t come. MeetUp then takes care of notifying whomever gets your place.

Dead simple really.

Are you coming?

Want to be sure you’ve got a place? When you log on to the MeetUp event page you should see a message like this top right (you may need to log-in first):

Screenshot from MeetUp showing confirmation message if you've booked a place

(except you won’t have a photo of me in the corner because… well, if you all looked like me that’d be… weird).

If you’ve got a place you’ll get a nice “You’re going” confirmation. If you’re not, you won’t. Pretty unambiguous.

If you wanted to Tweet/share your attendance to help me spread the word, that’d be awesome too.

If “You’re going” but actually now you can’t – just hit the big X (the one next to the tick) and bingo – your place is freed up for the next lucky wait-lister.

I’m really looking forward to seeing you all there!

Now, go check your diary and your “You’re going”-ness and update your RSVP accordingly.


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