Third Optimisey event: Date & speakers

Optimisey, the free Cambridge-based SEO MeetUp, is roaring in to 2018 – with more great events, speakers, traffic-increasing advice and networking. The next event is on Thursday 18th January.

If you missed either of the two previous events silly you – they were awesome. Check out the slide decks, photos and more.

First time you’ve heard about Optimisey? Great! You’re very welcome. You should totally come along. The events are free but space is limited, so you must RSVP to get a seat.

All the places at the next event are already full but wait! Before you click away – based on the previous two events almost every person on the waiting list has ended up getting a seat (down as far as 20th on the wait list for the first event). It works on a first come, first served basis so:

Join the waiting list

Still not sure? Check out more about the why, who and how of the Optimisey SEO MeetUps.

Third time’s a charm?

So who have I got lined up for the third event?

If you’re thinking: “How can he top all that search engine optimising, business developing, sales-increasing goodness that’s gone before? And for free? Yer krazy!” hold on to your hats my friends, because there’s a storm of Optimisey-ness coming your way!

Hurricane #1 is:

Craig Campbell

A photo of search engine optimisation expert, Craig Campbell

That’s a massive photo of Craig to represent the huge wealth of SEO knowledge and experience he has and is coming to share with you… for free at Optimisey. (I know!)

More about Craig from the man himself:

I’ve been doing SEO for over 16 years now offering training and consultancy services and regularly talk at SEO conferences all over the world offering actionable tips and advice on how things have worked for me. I started out as a freelancer working from home and went on to build up my own digital marketing agency. But I’ve now changed direction and offer training and consultancy as well as doing a bit of affiliate marketing.

Craig’s being slightly modest there – even just in the last few months he’s spoken at Digital Olympus, SMX Milan and is a regular SEMrush webinar host. You can see his previous speaking engagements over on his website.

And what is he coming to talk to attendees at Optimisey about?

I will be discussing the darker side of Digital Marketing and how SEO really works, the tools that are used and how you need to be careful about what you read online. I’ll be talking about white hat vs. black hat and what is meant by those phrases and which approach you should consider when doing SEO.

Want to know more about Craig? Here you go:

His website:
Craig on Twitter
And Craig on LinkedIn

I’ve already ensured I’ve got a prime, front row seat for this one. Want to come along? Did I mention it’s free?

Join the waiting list

What else is there?

You want more?

Well, OK then (as you asked so nicely).

Before Craig takes the stage there will be:

And afterwards there are terrific Q&As (often the best parts of the events) and more networking and chatting – plus a chance to pick the brain of smart folk like Craig over a beer/fruit juice.

Check out the full Optimisey agenda, venue details and more – then hit that big red button above and get in the queue for your place, pronto.



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