The second Optimisey speaker

It’s been quite a week for Optimisey.

All of this is terrific news and makes my heart swell with a mix of pride, anxiety but mostly unbridled gratitude.

I’ve said it a lot but when I first started doing this I was anxious it’d just be me, in a room, on my own.

To have more than 100 people show an interest, 50 sign-up for the first event and a further 20+ on the waiting list – I’m just blown away.

It also makes conversations with sponsors and speakers a lot easier:

“Will you sponsor/speak at my event? I’ve never done this before and I’ve no idea if anyone will come…” sounds about as compelling as you imagine.

The events, sponsors, speakers don’t happen without your support, so thank you.

I’m working every hour I can spare (and a few I probably shouldn’t – testing my wife’s patience!) to make sure the first event is brilliant.

Having Brand’s support means there’ll be drinks and nibbles at the awesome venue, Barclays Eagle Labs.

Which reminds me – as you’re here, if you’re coming and haven’t filled out the Food, drink and bar survey, please do. I’ll try and cater to as many tastes as I can.

Second speaker

So, Oscar-like speech aside (dry your eyes) this is what you’re really after. Who’s the second speaker?

Portrait photo of Andrew Rayner

It’s Andrew Rayner.

How could you follow first speaker, Andrew Martin, at an event hosted by me (Andrew Cock-Starkey)?

With another Andrew, naturally.

All jokes aside (I’ve had plenty about my name, thank you. And mostly not about my first name!) – Andrew is going to be a cracking speaker.

He’s been working in technology for more than 20 years and has delivered SEO and PPC campaigns for household names, including: Pizza Express, Tesco Telecom, Bounty (pregnancy baby care, not chocolate), Byron Burgers and Prezzo restaurants.

He now works for one of Cambridge’s leading BioTech firms, Horizon Discovery – and loves SEO so much he once set-up a sideline just to test things out, learn and improve… and ended up running a company for four years.

An SEO sideline, just for the love of SEO? Who’d do that?!

Andrew’s talk will dovetail beautifully with the first Andrew’s ‘SEO 101’ session.

He’ll take a deeper dive into onsite SEO, digging into the detail of what you can do to your site to help improve your search rankings.

Bring a notebook – you won’t want to miss a thing.

You can find out more about Andrew on LinkedIn or, as is customary, stalk him on Twitter.

If you’re not called Andrew and want to speak at a future event please submit a speaker proposal.

SEO tips Too good to miss

It all sounds amazing, right?

  • Oodles of SEO tips: check ✓
  • Expert speakers delivering actionable advice : check ✓
  • Beer, soft drinks and nibbles: check ✓
  • A room full of friendly folk eager to exchange ideas and talk all things about getting more traffic to your website: check ✓
  • And it’s free? Check ✓

If you haven’t already, you should really join the group and join the waiting list for the first event:

Sign up for free

Which brings me to big announcement number two.

More free places

I’m delighted to say that the super-awesome Barclays Eagle Lab have agreed to expand the number of people I can let in!

It’s not quite a waiting-list-clearing amount but I’m trying to strike the balance between the percentage that might no-show and if you all do show up, having space to fit you all in and not breach the Eagle Lab’s fire safety commitments.

So if you were one of the first 15 on the waiting list: woot for you! You’re in! Clear your diary for Thursday 19th October at 6-8pm.

If you were #16 on the waiting list – sorry! Try and keep that date and time free people are updating their availability all the time so be ready – you could be next in.

If you’re part of the ‘in crowd’ and just read that date: Thursday 19th October and had a “I can’t make that now!” moment – please change your RSVP on the MeetUp page. It takes two seconds (OK, maybe eight) and someone that’s busting to come can take your place.

If you cannot remember your log-in details or get lost finding the big green change RSVP button  – drop me a line and I can manually remove you from the event so someone can have your place.


My pick of the SEO tools

Last thing to leave you with: I’m often asked for advice on SEO tools or products.

There are a lot out there. It’s confusing. So I wanted to help steer you towards the good ones. Tools I use myself and would really recommend.

The list has just three things on it (for now) as I want it to be curated and genuine (I’m not going to recommend something I haven’t used myself).

Happily the three also have affiliate schemes so if you’ve read all this thinking: “This is amazing. How can I get all this for free? I want to give something to support Optimisey and Andrew.” – then check out the tools. If you like them, buy them.

Alternatively, if you just want some great SEO tools, that’s fine too:

Best SEO Tools

Questions? Suggestions?

Something on your mind about the event? A question, the answer to which would help set your mind at ease? Stick it in a comment. I’d love to hear from you and a few other people probably have the same question, so I can reply there and help everyone.

Or, if you’re shy, get in touch with me directly.

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