New venue & first speaker for fourth event

Having sold-out two of the three Optimisey events (at 60+ spaces) I’ve taken a bold step.

For the fourth event, I’m going to try a bigger venue. A venue with space for 100 – possibly more.

It may end up like a five-a-side team standing in the Albert Hall but I’m going to give it a shot.

Book your place

So, it’s goodbye (for now) to the brilliantly central and fabulously cool Barclays Eagle Labs – Cherry and hello to The Bradfield Centre.

It’s been no easy decision. Katie and Paul at Barclays have been terrific and really supportive of Optimisey from day one – when I turned up to ask about their venue space, with no idea of how many people might turn up.

As you’ll know if you came to one of the first three events, the Eagle Lab is terrific. Dead easy to get to, centrally located and super-cool. I have a feeling I’ll be back there in future – but more on that another time.

Optimisey at The Bradfield centre

For the fourth event we’re going to be at The Bradfield Centre – on the science park to the north of town (CB4 0GF if you’re Googling it!).

It’s a short walk from the new Cambridge North train station and there’s oodles of parking too.

We’ll also have lots more room – though not that much… as I’m hoping you can help me fill up 100+ places.

I’ve confirmed two great speakers, so without further ado, here’s some “book me my place now!” news, in the shape of the first speaker.

‘Mr. Internal Linking’

Photo of Andy Drinkwater of IQSEO

The first confirmed speaker is SEO Consultant and owner of iQSEO Andy Drinkwater.

Andy has been working in SEO for 18 years and working on websites for even longer. He also runs the SEO Chester MeetUp (so if you’re reading this and Cambridge is too far south for you, check that out).

He also features regularly in SEO Expert round-ups, SEMrush webinars and the like – so you can be confident he has the experience to know what he’s talking about.

What Andy’s coming to share with the lucky attendees can be summed up by Tweets he posts, like this:

or this:

That’s right – a large chunk of those lovely upward-trajectory lines is caused by sorting out your internal linking: How you link to your own pages. Something that’s totally within your control.

I rib him a bit about being ‘The Internal Linking Guy’ but when it shows results like that I want to know more: How does he find opportunities like that? What did he do to deliver that traffic surge? What happened next?

Andy’s going to reveal all at the next Optimisey event: Thursday 15th March at The Bradfield Centre. You won’t want to miss it.

Grab Your Free place

And I haven’t even told you who the other speaker will be either. And there’ll be free drinks and snacks. And a roomful of other lovely, interesting, engaging people to meet and chat to. What are you waiting for? Hit the big red button.


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