New sponsors: Optimisey on-screen

My aim with the Optimisey events is to bring SEO-awesomeness to as many people as I can.

That’s quite a task to take on so getting the right help and support is vital.

That support has come in all sorts of ways, from the terrific speakers who give up their time and expertise, to mentors and advisers that have helped me personally get this idea off the ground.

It’d also be remiss of me not to mention my family at this point who have put up with anti-social hours and a whole lot more.

Getting sponsors involved has been key and I’m delighted to announce a new sponsor is joining Brand Recruitment and Barclays Eagle Lab – Cherry.

BreadCrumb Media

Breadcrumb Media's logo

If you’ve been following Optimisey for some time the name may ring a bell.

I worked with them on 7 basic SEO fundamentals video which now takes pride of place on the Optimisey YouTube channel.

Jess and Mark at Breadcrumb have been supportive of Optimisey from very early on so getting them involved more directly feels great.

Breadcrumb are a media agency based just north of Cambridge, in Histon.

They do all sorts of things: marketing, web design, PR, social media and more – including where they’re helping make Optimisey even more awesome and reach even more people: with video.

They’re going to record the January event – which is awesome, as lots of people that couldn’t attend (and even those that have, that wanted to re-live it!) have asked if I was streaming them etc.

We’re not going that far (yet!) but there will be videos of the speakers on the YouTube channel, which is great.

If you’re thinking: “That’s great! I needn’t bother schlepping to the event then!” – you’d be wrong. It’d be like watching your favourite band/singer/sports team on TV versus actually being there.

For a start those that attend the events will get it first (even Breadcrumb can’t turn around an edit in zero minutes!).

Plus by attending you’ll get all the bits that won’t go in the videos: the Q&As (often the most insightful bits); the networking and connections before and after; plus all the snacks, drinks and learning that goes on thanks to the other sponsors.

That said, hopefully (if all goes well) we’ll be able to get coverage of each future event too.

A big ‘welcome to the family’ to Breadcrumb!

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