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The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that I added a new sponsor on the Optimisey website.

Yes, alongside our awesome venue-friends, Barclays Eagle Labs – Cherry (thanks again to them) I’m delighted to say we’re collaborating with TechGirls.

The Tech Girls UK logo - a stylised pink letter T with a purple GThat logo links out to their website but currently redirects to their Twitter feed – as their website is undergoing a bit of an overhaul (yes, I know – and yes, I’ve told them).

Techgirls? Who and why

TechGirls are a UK-based not-for-profit who aim to encourage young women to talk and think about tech, get involved in it and be aware of career paths into the technology sector.

As the father of a daughter (and sons) like most parents I want all my kids to consider all paths open to them.

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Tech Girls are working to increase girls’ confidence in technology – starting with their TechGirls Challenge 2017 – a competition for UK school girls to create the concept for a ‘lifestyle app’.

The Director of TechGirls, Sukvinder, originally got in touch with me and we discussed opportunities where we could help each other.

Given the majority of UK entrepreneurs under 35 are female and Optimisey aims to help start-ups and entrepreneurs learn more about SEO from those in the know it seemed a good fit.

free seo audit for charities and social causes

Despite the ‘nerdy guys playing Dungeon’s and Dragons in their Mum’s basement’ assumptions many make about SEO’ers the audience at Optimisey’s first Cambridge SEO MeetUp was, until recently,  going to be mostly female too (the last few sign-ups have just tipped it the other way).

TechGirls is a great initiative so anything I can do in my own small way to help raise awareness of their cause, I’m going to do. So: follow TechGirlsUK on Twitter, tell your kids, nieces, neighbours, friends about the TechGirls Challenge and help break down the barriers of “boy’s jobs and girl’s jobs”.

I hope, once their new website is up and running, they might submit it for a free SEO audit for charities and social causes. Then I can unleash the power of the Optimisey-ists to help them reach even more people!

If you’re a charity or not-for-profit good cause you can submit your site for a free audit too.


The new TechGirls website is now live. (Well done Sukvinder!)



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