Fourth event: Second speaker

Having announced last week that Andy Drinkwater will be speaking at the next Optimisey event – the event’s already more than three quarters full.

Those remaining places are likely to be gone soon, as the second speaker is revealed.

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Still keeping your cards close to your chest? OK. Here goes.

Announcing: Richard Petersen-Hall

Photo of Richard Petersen-Hall, who will be speaking at Optimisey

(despite his disbelieving expression in that photo, Richard does know he’s speaking at Optimisey, honest!)

I first met Richard when I saw him speak at BrightonSEO back in 2016. (The slides from his talk: ‘How to build a business case for SEO fixes‘ are very much worth a look).

Back then he was the Search and Data Manager at Zazzle Media – one of the region’s biggest digital marketing agencies.

He spoke about proving the ROI (return on investment) of SEO, something which really struck a chord with me. Not only that but he was a really engaging and knowledgeable presenter (helping plant that seed of “I should bring this sort of thing to Cambridge…” in my mind, even then!).

So I’m absolutely thrilled that he’s agreed to come and speak at the event on Thursday 15th March.

You can find him on Twitter: @richardpetersen or look him up on LinkedIn if you want to know more.

He recently started a new role with Clinked which, happily, has brought him even closer to Cambridge – it’s as if the stars are aligning for Optimisey!

Richard and I tossed lots of suggestions for his talk back and forth (he had too many good ideas!) but we settled on:

How to predict organic conversions without the need for expensive tools

It’s a working title, for now, but you can rest assured you’ll leave with a notebook full of actionable ideas, advice, tools and techniques to help you do your job better.

SEO can sometimes feel like a bit of a guessing game. Should I go after this keyword or that one? Will this one bring me more traffic? Would that one have less traffic but a higher conversion rate (e.g. £££)?

Richard’s going to show you how he does this; why it matters; and how you can apply these techniques to help you get a better handle on the potential power of SEO for your website.

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I’m not kidding. At time of writing 78 out of 100 places have been booked. By the time you read this there may be even fewer places left (Optimisey ‘SEO Goodness’ email subscribers get event news at least 24 hours before everyone else; plus a whole lot more).

You should book your place quick, before they fill up:

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And if the event is fully booked – get on the waiting list. For previous events, people down in 20th place on the waiting list have ended up getting a place (when those booked in drop out, change plans etc.).

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