Exciting news: A new sponsor!

Happy days at Optimisey towers. I have exciting news to share: We got a new sponsor!

I say “we” as I really do feel this is a collective effort.

As I’ve said regarding our great other sponsors, Brand Recruitment and Breadcrumb Media, they’re not supporting the events to get my attention. They’re after yours. That you enthusiastically attend the events in such good numbers is key to their support for the events.

For that reason I pick sponsors very carefully. I’m not just chasing a quick buck. If the events don’t make a loss I’m happy. It’s all about putting something back, right? And helping us all do our jobs a little bit better.

If you put effort in (by learning, sharing, networking and more) you should get something back right? Like getting better at what you do.

I want sponsors that can add something to the event. For those of you screaming “Get on with it!” at your screens, here it comes:

Sponsoring the next event are…


SEOmonitor's logo

A few of you may well know them already. As their name might suggest they have an SEO monitoring tool.

They have a whole bunch of features which can track your website’s performance – from the usual keyword tracking (e.g. where am I ranking for [x]?) to Featured Snippet tracking (to help you track-down and find those brilliant if elusive SERP features – like answer boxes and knowledge panels etc.)

The thing I like about them best though is their affordability.

Some SEO tools are expensive and if you’re running a business, especially a small business, a one man/woman band, or a start-up every penny counts.

SEOmonitor have a neat sliding scale of pricing which enables you to pay for only what you need – from tracking 100 websites and 100,000 keywords (wow) at €3,700 a month; to just one site and 300 keywords (plenty for most small businesses) for just €49 a month (about £44 to my UK-based folks).

[American radio announcer voice]: “And now a brief word from our sponsor…” – Cristina Sturza, the UK Country Manager at SEOmonitor had this to say:

“SEOmonitor was designed by SEO experts who wanted to solve 3 of their own core needs with these aims in mind:

  1. Build meaningful and reliable reporting systems with no fluff
  2. Access to a forecasting algorithm to ensure business growth
  3. No hidden costs

We’re excited to be part of the Optimisey community in order to help business growth and offer a different solution.

Our UK team are always on hand to offer support but also to get to know your individual needs better.”

Having them support the event is great. They have relevant knowledge to bring, a whole load of SEO industry contacts and experience plus some added fun and cool stuff for those of you that actually attend!

And if you want to know more than that cryptic hint, you’ll just have to book your free place at the next event:

Book Your Place

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