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Get your message or product in front your target audience | Image: US National Archive

Would you like to get your brand, company or product in front of a great, local, engaged target market?

Optimisey has a great audience of local business owners, digital marketers, developers, managers, executives and thought leaders – all looking to get better at their job.

Are you a venue, restaurant (or food and drink supplier), an SEO or digital marketing tool, digital or marketing agency – or do you have another product you’d like to share with the Optimisey crowd?

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What’s in it for you?

Well, that depends on what you have to offer but some ideas:

  • Brand exposure to a growing list of digitally savvy, engaged business people in and around the Cambridge area
  • Your logo at all events, on the optimisey.com website and in all email communications to members
  • Link building to your website/product (which is good for SEO)
  • Guaranteed places at Optimisey events (good for you, or to give to clients – ideal for agencies trying to persuade clients of the value of SEO)
  • Potential speaker slot for your company

How much does sponsorship cost?

Again, that depends. I’m not running Optimisey to make my fortune. I want the events to be great, engaging, fun ‘must attend’ occasions. If you want to associate your brand with Optimisey, you want that too.

Sponsorship could involve cold hard cash (in which case you’re providing the beer, drinks and snacks – a surefire way to win people over!) or it could involve your time, free samples of your product or exclusive discounts for Optimisey members. It could be any mix of those things or something else I’ve missed.

If you’re interested use the form below to get in touch and we can take it from there.

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