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This is proper, customised, SEO advice tailored to your site too – not one of those automated reports which churns out the same advice to pretty much everyone.

SEO Audit for charities: How it works

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If your site is chosen from those submitted (sorry, much as we’d love to, we can’t help everyone) it will get a full appraisal and a ‘live audit’ by an expert panel (with audience input too) at one of the bi-monthly Cambridge SEO MeetUps (and you’ll get a guaranteed front row seat to watch, listen and take notes!).

Please note: the checkboxes aren’t to trip you up but – to help most effectively – we need certain foundations in place (like some form of site analytics and data).

If you cannot say “Yes” to having Google Analytics and Google Search Console set-up that’s OK – but you should probably start with these simple guides:

Once you have those in place (let them gather data for at least 28 days to make sure it’s all working) then please come back and fill out the form – we’d love to help you take the next steps to getting more traffic to your site.