This could be you (the kilt is optional).

Optimisey has lots of great speakers lined up for our Cambridge SEO events – but we’re always looking for more.

Would you like to speak at a future event? Perhaps you one day dream of speaking at a huge conference like BrightonSEO, SearchLeeds or even MozCon?

Come and sharpen your speaking skills and test your SEO speaker chops with Optimisey.

Whether you’re an accomplished public speaker (whom people could sit, rapt listening to read the phone book) or a hopeful speaker (trying to push yourself – even though the idea of a room full of people hanging on your every word fills you with dread) – I want to hear from you.

Optimisey’s ‘rooms full of people’ are fairly small (about 50-60 people) – so if you’re looking for a trial run for your next big speech or you want a training ground for your first foray into public speaking – this is the place.

The people are all lovely – I promise they’ll be gentle – and you’ll feel amazing after you’ve done it – we’ll look after you, as attested to by first event speaker Andrew Rayner:

If this isn’t your first rodeo you’re welcome too – we all get better with practise, so if Optimisey can help you become a great public speaker let me know.

There no commitment. Fill out the form below with some ideas and I’ll get in touch to discuss things. You don’t like it/change your mind – no harm, no foul.

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There’s only one rule: Sharing not selling.

Optimisey is a free SEO networking event – people are giving up their time to learn and share.

No-one goes looking for door-to-door salespeople saying “Please – tell me all about what you’re selling!” – don’t be that guy/girl.

Now. Go for it:

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