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Back when Optimisey was just an idea someone I follow on Twitter entered a competition – you know the kind, where you get more entries in the prize draw if you Tweet and share it etc.

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The prize was about £150 of branded t-shirts! “That’d be nice.” I thought, imagining promoting my as yet non-existent business, so I entered. And duly won.

That original Tweeter was Akvile DeFazio and I’m pleased to say this is her (all the way out in California) wearing the Optimisey t-shirt I sent her as a thanks for the tip off:

Akvile De Fazio wearing an t-shirt

I’ve now got ‘Optimisey-ists’ in England, Scotland, Turkey, Russia and two states in the US wearing my brand. Pretty cool!

What you can’t tell from a photo is the t-shirts are really high quality.

I expected, especially as a free prize, they might be nylon-y or cheap cotton at best – but these Ramp T-Shirts are great and these are the Standard option.

There is a Premium option if you want real luxury quality t-shirts or a Budget option if cost is a bigger factor than quality.

wearable ‘word of mouth’ marketing

Since then I’ve worn them at the SEO events I organise (to add that professional feel) and I’ve given them as prizes of my own and also as a ‘thank you’ to the event speakers who give all that great actionable search advice.

People like Craig Campbell, who Tweeted this picture of himself wearing it (and no, he doesn’t smile!) to his 300,000+ followers:

Craig Campbell wearing an t-shirt

Not bad publicity for a free t-shirt.

And when local paper, the Cambridge News came along to one of my events I made sure I was front and centre, in my branded t-shirt, in lots of the photos:
A photo of a double-page spread in the Cambridge News about the Optimisey events

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The ordering process on their website was seamless (no pun intended!) and their support team were terrific, prompt and helpful (pretty key if, like me, you’ve never done this sort of thing before).

I also like it that Ramp T-shirts are a British company too (based in Wales). They’re a pretty good marketing case study themselves.

Their CEO, Neil, is a sharp marketer. His blog on How we wrote and sent the “best cold email ever” is worth a read, even if you don’t want any branded t-shirts!

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If you’ve read anything else on this site (like my recommended SEO tools) you’ll know I’m a big fan of upfront honesty so I’ll tell you I get a £25 voucher if you use it, so please do!

Get 5% off with my Ramp T-Shirts promo code: TSHIRTS710

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